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Polaroid Camera ~Have a Polaroid camera around so that candid shots can be takenthroughout the shower. Fun pictures then can be filled in a smallkeepsake photo album for the new mommy to take home with her from theshower.

Play Baby Dolls ~ Borrow yourdaughters baby dolls (or a friends), baby blankets and outfits andplay dress up with your baby dolls. Whoever can dress their doll thefastest can win a prize.

Everyone write in a journal or booktheir predictions of the babys exact date and time of delivery. Anywell wishes would be cherished in this book as well. Remember toinclude the guests name and date.

Name Game ~If the mommy has already chosen a name, and the name isnt known, haveguests try guessing the name. If the correct name isnt guessed, theneveryone will have to wait for the birth announcement to find out thename of the bundle of joy.

Name That Tune ~ Sing or play different parts of lullabies and see how well your guests remember the titles of those well-known tunes.

Guessing Game ~Pass a diaper bag or paper sack filled with miscellaneous babyessentials around so each guest can feel the items and guess what it iswithout looking.

Nickname Game ~ Startwith a list of 20 nicknames on a notepad or eraser board. Have gueststry to match the proper names with their nicknames in a time limit. Using the nicknames of guests is a fun spin as well. For example,Nic for Nicole.

Dr. Seuss or Mother Goose? ~ Invite guests to bring their favorite childrens book to start thebabys book collection. As each book is presented, have the guestshare the story behind why this book is their favorite. The host canwrite these down for the new mommy to remember and share with herlittle one for years after.

Memories ~Have everyone bring a photo of themselves with the guest of honor (asfar as they possibly can) to put together in a scrapbook for the baby! Its fun for the mom and the guests to reminisce and laugh at the olddays.

Write Away Dining ~ Decorate themain table with a white tablecloth and colorful permanent markers. Thehostess should write the babys name, birth date and parents names inthe center of the cloth. Invite all the guests to write out a specialwish for the new little one, decorate with colorful pictures anddesigns, and sign their name.

Comfy-Cozy ~New mothers like nothing more than to as comfortable as possible; helpher do this by inviting each guest to add a comfort item like snugglyslippers, a warm blanket or some healthy snacks. Gather the itemsprior to the shower, arrange in a basket and present it at the babyshower.

"Unwrap My Present!" Game ~While the new mom is unwrapping gifts, a timer is set for about every10 minutes. When the timer goes off, the guest whose gift is beingunwrapped wins a prize!

"Price is Right" Baby Game ~Purchase 10-12 baby items as well as 10-12 small cards and envelopes. Write the price of each baby item on the card and then seal them in theenvelopes. Have each guest bid on the price of the item. The one thatcollects the most price cards without going over wins a prize. Thebaby items go to the mom-to-be. The following is a list of ideas youcould use:

Pampers Baby Bib Cotton Swabs
Baby Wipes Pacifiers Duck bath toy
Baby Powder Baby Food

Nursery Rhyme Game ~Think of a list of nursery rhymes. Write down one line of each (notthe first line) and have the guests guess the nursery rhyme. Forexample, "Like a diamond in the night" = "Twinkle, Twinkle LittleStar." The person, or team, that guesses the most nursery rhymes, wins!

Jelly Bean Guessing Game ~ Fill a cute baby bottle with jellybeans and have each guest guess the amount. The winner received the baby bottle!

Guess The Baby's Birthday Game ~A fun game where all the participants will guess when the baby will be(or was) born. Have them write their guesses down on a calendar at theshower. Have a designated "prize" that will be distributed to thewinner once the baby is born.

Guess The Baby's Weight Game ~Patterned after "Guess the Babys Birthday Game." Have all participatesrecord what they think the baby will weigh when it is born. If youneed a tiebreaker, have the guests also guess the babys length. Thewinner is awarded a designated "prize" when the baby is born.

Diaper The Baby Game ~A great game! Partner up each guest with another. Once everyone has apartner, there will be a race to see what team can diaper a baby dollthe quickest. The only stipulation is that each person can only useone hand. They must keep the remaining hand behind their back. Thefirst team done wins a prize! You can also add a twist to the game withwet-wipes and powder, if youd like.

Create the Babys Name Game ~Write down the full names of the mother and father of the baby. Havethe shower guests each create a babys name using the letters from theparents names. You can have winners be the one with the funniestname, the one who comes up with the most names, or the most realisticname.

Cotton Ball Pick-Up Game ~ Cottonballs are a baby necessity. Help the new mommy learn how to get cottonballs even in the dark. Place two large bowls in front of ablindfolded guest. Give them a wooden spoon and 30 seconds to see howmany cotton balls they can transfer from one bowl to the other. Thisis difficult because the cotton balls weigh so little; but in the end,the guest who transfers the most wins!

Clothes Pin Game ~String a piece of yarn or thin rope across the room with a lot ofclothes pins attached. Have each guest take turns going up to the lineand taking a clothespin off the line when they name a baby item (i.e.diaper, onesie, etc.). The catch is that the guest can only use onehand to collect the clothespins. Once they drop a clothespin, theirturn is over. The person who can collect the most clothespins in theirhand wins!

Baby Word Scramble Game ~Pick 10-15 baby-related words. Scramble them and photocopy them all ona piece of paper. Give a time limit of about 5 minutes to unscramblethe words. The following are some examples of words you can use:

Bassinet Bottle Midnight Feedings
Blanket Pacifier Onesie
Braxton Hicks Baby Stroller Cradle
Diaper Cradle Rocking Chair
Baby Swing Colic Newborn

Baby Pictionary Game ~ This game is fairly self-explanatory. Divide into two teams and have a list of baby items to draw and guess.

Baby Picture Game ~When the invitations go out, have the host ask each guest to bring ababy picture of them. As they arrive, the host will collect thepictures and give each one a corresponding number. A guest list willalso be provided so the participants can write down a name next to anumber. The winner receives a prize.

Baby Name Boggle ~Write down the full name of the baby-to-be (if known). Give the guests2 minutes to make as many words as possible using those letters. Atthe end of the 2 minutes, go around the room and make the guests crossoff the words that are guessed by others. The person with the mostremaining words wins!

Baby Food Guessing Game ~Take off the labels from about 10-15 baby food jars. Give them acorresponding number and place them out on the counter. Allow theguests to guess the kinds of food. The one with the most correctguesses wins a prize! Tasting is allowed (yum-yum!).

Baby Animal Name Game ~Photocopy a list of 20 or so animal names (there is an example below). Give the guests about 5-10 minutes to write down the corresponding BABYanimal names.

Bear - Cub
Pig - Piglet
Elephant Calf
Seal - Pup
Lion - Cub
Cow - Calf
Deer - Fawn
Goose - Gosling
Cat - Kitten
Rabbit - Kit
Penguin - Chick
Zebra - Colt
Giraffe Calf
Goat - Kidd
Horse - Foal
Dog - Puppy
Insect - Larvae
Duck - Duckling

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